Over 10 years of “Revival in Belfast PEI” Conferences!

Our “Revival conference” began back in 2005 with what was called the Emerging Church Conference

World renowned songwriter and worship leader Robin Mark of Belfast, Northern Ireland (author of Days of Elijah, All For Jesus, Not By Might, and many other well–loved worship songs), along with his pastor Paul Reid came first in 2005 and through them God poured out hope, life, and renewal.  We knew it was special.  Since then, our hopes and prayers for Revival in PEI and across Canada have increased in intensity, fueled by many prophecies that there are special blessings upon us as a conference and as a church.  

2016 was our 10th conference and contrary to losing momentum with time, more people than ever are filling our seats.  As word spreads, new  people are discovering what is going on here and we are joyful for every one.  We still take nothing for granted and always look for the event that God is wanting to create.

If we have found favor with you and the Lord, then we are honored and give great thanks to our King. We pray that you will come and experience worship like never before and hear teaching meant to be personally yours.  Our worship is loud and vibrant.  There is freedom and joy in the music and we celebrate being together with Him who created it all.  There is humor and life in the teachings and stories shared from personal experience.  Our God is an awesome God. He loves you.  We hope you come and experience your personal Revival.