Over the years, since 2005, we’ve had some very moving experiences and great memories. Strangers have become friends.  Seekers have become followers.  Children have become leaders.  Worship has led to dancing. Hearts have healed.  Lives have changed.

We have been blessed.


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What people say about our RIB PEI conferences:

These are very valuable as they attract all ages and are a form of gentle ministry that goes deeper and opens up the gospel in a new light for those that are new or shallow or wounded or need a boost.

Great Biblical teaching. Praise God!

Thank you for hosting the conference again. Every session spoke to me. Great insight and new revelations.

The service tonight was awesome. There were some songs I did not normally like, but I was even singing them loudly and resonating with them. It was not the songs that made this night awesome, it was the energy and the people! The spirit of God was filling the place up to the ceiling and all of God’s people were responding! It was truly amazing. I really really really needed something like this to fill up my cup.

Me and ____ cried our eyes out the whole way home – but we weren’t sad. It was just so beautiful to experience all of God’s children praising him in earnest with their hearts! God was close to everyone in that service and we really felt him there. We cried because it blows our minds how blessed we are, we cried because it felt SO GOOD to know WE WERE FORGIVEN! Praise God FOREVER!

We needed this small revival in our hearts.

God is awesome and we won’t stop praying to him and praising HIM until the day we die! We were so blessed by this service.

Great event. Keep them coming. Great church. The worship & praise is second to none. Blessings to you all.

This is our 3rd time at Revival In Belfast. We love it and each time have been renewed and the atmosphere is electric. God bless – look forward to the next.

Thank you for going out there again & putting on this conference! It is always a blessing. I go home refreshed and read to serve again.

Thank you for all of the work you put into this wonderful weekend. It is such a blessing to so many of us. And thank you Priscilla for your talk re: the Prodical. It was so full of hope. May God Bless you all.

Hospitality Great!!! Gift of God’s Spirit

Wonderful. Thank you. God is good! All the time!

Though the message is a familiar one, God has used it to stir up the flame that once burned in peoples’ hearts but was dead. The Holy Spirit seems to be moving mightily amongst the congregation and changing hearts. Worship is fantastic as always!

This music makes God seem closer to my soul

God is ALIVE and WELL in this place!

Loved the whole thing!